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Exclusive Beats

From the producers of 20DollarBeats.com, we offer the highest level of professional beats and instrumentals. All Exclusive Beats start at $250.00 and up for exclusive rights. Each beat is priced differently based on track and producer. Contact us to get a quote on multiple beat discounts..

With placements with MTV, VH1, BET and many more, it's safe to say that you will have the best exclusive beats production quality hands down. We accept nothing less than optimal quality and with 100% dedication. Make your demo sound professional with our Exclusive Beats that an A&R executive or a record label will take you seriously. You may never get a second chance to make that first impression.

After you purchase your Exclusive Beats , you will receive a Full Exclusive Beats License within 24hrs and YOUR BEAT WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE SITE!

If you have a sick rap lyric, then you need an EXCLUSIVE Rap beat that you can own and profit from. Get a exclusive beats for your rap lyrics on sale that you put on your own CD and sell for 100% pure profit!

If you want to learn pro tools tutorials - Click here to learn more about beat making.

exclusive beats

exclusive beats

Exclusive Beats

If you have sick rap lyrics, then you need Exclusive beats that you can own and profit from. Visit our Exclusive Rap Beats section and get a beat for your lyrics that you put on your own CD and sell for 100% pure profit! 20DollarBeats.com is fast becoming a music producer resource. Exclusive Beats from the producers of 20DollarBeats.com

Purple Reign$695.00 $479.00
Future/Evol Style Trap Instrumental
Wavey$595.00 $400.00
Unique Drake Style HipHop Instrumental
Ounces$600.00 $469.00
Must-Have 2 Chainz Style Trap
La Flare$689.00 $449.00
Gucci Mane Type Trap Instrumental With Heavy 808s
Not My Type$729.00 $479.00
Energetic Club Hit With Crazy Bass
Speed Kills$595.00 $429.00
Lil Wayne Type Fast Paced Trap
At Tha Club$795.00 $489.00
Catchy Latin Inspired Club Instrumental
Shot Caller$589.00 $439.00
Hard Hitting HipHop Club Anthem
Sweat It Out$695.00 $400.00
Artist Friendly Club With A Great Bounce

Good Morning$595.95 $395.95
Trill Trap
Hold You Down$1100.00 $850.00
Slidin$1250.00 $539.00
Uptempo club
Break Floor$1050.00 $529.00
Hip Hop club
Y Not$1129.00 $539.00
Rap club Exclusive
Handicap$949.00 $639.00
Beast mode trap hip hop
Surfboard$1249.00 $995.00
Trending hip hop type
Aug Gosp$1159.00 $649.00
Energy South Club Track
On the weekend$990.00 $489.00
Laid back vibe
Fade$990.00 $449.00
intense raw hip hop
Body Talk$980.00 $489.00
EDM music
Lost Ones$970.00 $489.00
classic nas j cole sound
Fed Case$860.00 $439.00
Hip Hop
Zorro$1050.00 $549.00
Vegas type EDM drop
Not Me, Not I$495.95 $395.95
Dirty South/Radio Ready
Catching On$1449.00 $1049.00
New Dirty South
Urphquake$1195.00 $550.00
Club night music
House Away$1025.00 $519.00
Deep house vibes
Daddys Home$1049.00 $499.00
Exclusive Promo
Close My Eyes$1049.00 $529.00
Beautiful piano string arrangement
Bottom B$1200.00 $800.00
Radio Hit
Knows Again$1150.00 $569.00
Trap synth chord progression
Cheap Labor$990.00 $489.00
Hip Hop
Hold That$1249.00 $689.00
Mid west type banger
Y Yes$1120.00 $569.00
Funk deep house
Couldve Been Me$950.00 $429.00
Radio Ready Pop R&B
Leango$1050.00 $549.00
Exclusive Promo
In Da Morning$1200.00 $800.00
Club w/robot hook
Morning's Light$950.00 $449.00
David Guetta Radio Hit! Exclusive
Rotea$1295.00 $589.00
Story telling type hip hop
Rompe Cola$1059.00 $789.00
Experimental Dub Reggaeton
Empirates$980.00 $495.00
Kendrick type
Bad Choices$1050.00 $549.00
Hip Hop
Divinidad$1049.00 $549.00
Reggaeton music
Fringe Clip$895.00 $749.00
Electro Dirty South Heat!
Bleezy$1250.00 $649.00
Club 808 banger
Connect$1050.00 $519.00
back to back hype
Clinikal$1029.00 $519.00
Drake type ovo
Stash Box$900.00 $600.00
Million $ Hit!
Bando Nightmarez$949.00 $529.00
Pro Exclusive
Big Ump$1495.00 $1039.00
Great Pop Dance Crossover
Deeper$949.00 $449.00
baby makin music
Doe$1000.00 $750.00
DS Radio Hit w/hook
The Good Life$599.00 $299.95
R&B Exclusive Rap Beat
Don Clappa$1249.00 $1049.00
Epic Dancehall Electronic
Buck Rodgers$1050.00 $549.00
Exclusive Promo
Alcohol$1595.00 $949.00
Club Hip Hop with 808 bass
So We Get It$945.00 $549.00
Downtempo trap music
Crossed That Line$980.00 $469.00
aggressive eminem vibe
Trap Open$1259.00 $489.00
Hip Hop
Erwire$795.00 $479.00
Big Radio Hit
Vision$890.00 $469.00
Kendrick Lamar Vibes
Fling$849.00 $439.00
Top 40 Urban Pop
Gotwork$1050.00 $595.00
808 bass club hitt
Crysta Clear$1129.00 $629.00
RnB smooth hip hop
Against All Odds$759.00 $479.00
intense throwback eminem vibe
Fly Off$1095.00 $589.00
Synth Ready

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